Deep Blue Sea

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PIRAEUS, GREECE | While in Athens, I had a nice opportunity to visit the port in Piraeus and had such a great time. We sat by the water and enjoyed the sunset view. I’ve never seen anything and felt so much peace and serenity. My sandy toes in the salty blue sea was all I needed to relax.

Greek Notes

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They say it’s the little things that count. While it may be true, it’s the little things that also stay in your memory. Returning to Greece, I found myself paying close attention to things and objects that caught my eye.



The doors and windows I saw had such a characteristic to them. They embodied unknown history and sparked a certain curiosity. For me it was like watching a piece of artwork. Maybe I see things differently because that typical window and door does not exist where I’m from. To a greek native the door and window may be ordinary but to me, it was beautiful. I wanted to stare at it forever.


It’s so good to be back by the way :) This week I’ll share more about my trip to Greece. xLaerta