Happy Friday!

Friday, August 29, 2014 0 Permalink

Okay, I promise I’ll post amazing pictures of St. John when I come back :) But in the meantime let’s talk about Jean jackets and maxi dresses because I’ve seen them a lot lately! They’re very easy to pair and makes you looking classy and put together.

A Few Steps from Paradise

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 0 Permalink

These 4 pairs of shoes made the cut on this trip. Can you tell how overjoyed they must feel right now?! It’s certainly not easy for the heels as they’re sulking in the closet. ;)

So sneakers were in order because I’ll be going hiking and very excited about it! I got a pair of sandals for the night out and about. One pair of flip flops are for the beach and the other are a bit more sturdy which will do well for sailing or walking during the day.

You see ladies, here is evidence that I did not bring my heels with me because they are not needed. This island vacation will be relaxing, laid back and obviously very fun!

Leave Your Heels Behind

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I’m super excited to announce that in a few days I’ll be traveling to St. John, USVI with a few of my girl friends! I admit I have never set foot in a tropical island before so I’m thrilled to be in a paradise-like setting in good company. If you don’t know or have never heard of St. John, here’s a map to give you an idea of its location.

So if and when you travel to a picturesque island such as St.John, don’t even think about bringing your heels, ladies. According to a dear friend who travels there quite often [who also owns the famous blog, www.NewsofStJohn.com], I’ve been told it’s very laid back and people are likely to wear flip flops and sandals rather than heels and wedges. The good news is you’ll know what to pack! Plus, it’s so easy to pack flip flops and light sandals (no heel)…


After I’ve packed all my clothes, the shoes come last. Smart! Why? You don’t have to pack all your shoes with you (it’s perfectly normal to trick yourself)! Once I see that my clothes are all in my suitcase, I make room for my flip flops and sandals by packing them against the edges of the suitcase. I also put them in a grocery bag so they don’t get my clothes dirty (also very important).

Below are some examples of what I’m thinking of packing: