London in Four Hours

London | Arrived at about 11 am. Ate a ham and cheese and a hot chocolate at Caffe Nero. Very delicious!! I absolutely loved hearing the barista say “here or take away”. Okay! I’ve never heard of “take away” before so I thought that was so cute! haha I was like “huh”…After awhile I got used to it.


So I had 4 hours of free time until I met with my tour group. I checked into my hotel and I started walking for hours down towards Big Ben and Parliament. It was a really hot day but a really enjoyable walk. This is what my eye captured:
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Back from the best adventure!

Hooray!! Yes, I did a lot of jumping in the air during this trip! I am so excited to be back from the best adventure! Well not really… I’d rather be in Spain soaking up some more of the culture, sipping on espresso, having countless baguettes, and admiring the architecture. What an amazing trip it was! In my 9 days of traveling, I visited these amazing cities: London, Paris, Bordeaux, St. Jean de Luz, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, and Barcelona. Two of these cities we stopped along the way and I say with excitement that I cannot wait to visit them again!

Stick around in the next couple of days as I share about my travels in every city. I’ll share passages from my diary and sketches. Hope you’re all having an amazing week!


Little Angel

How adorable is this little girl (aka my goddaughter)! Angelina is growing so fast. Here she is here on her 2nd Birthday. Super cute! It’s amazing to see her personality develop and I’m noticing her to have an adventurous spirit! She finds happiness in the littlest things, but in such large measures.



I’m pretty sure she’ll travel the world like me! hehe :)