Magical Montmartre

The most adorable and magical section of Paris was Montmartre for me! I loved it and I would go there again in a heartbeat. If you are into art and delicious food, this is the part of Paris you have to check out. I loved the cobbled stones and the little narrow streets. Seriously, can I just sit in the middle of the street and get lost? Yes please (that doesn’t make sense I know)! Montmartre is located in the northern part of Paris and is on a hill. I suggest wearing comfortable shoes to walk around a lot especially on the cobblestone streets.


Amazing French Food:

La Mere Catherine – If you want to experience french cuisine, go to this restaurant. I tried escargot (snails) and duck l’orange followed with delicious red wine. This is all from my memory but I remember having the complete five course meal which also consisted of cheese and a tart desert with an espresso at the end. Really amazing food hands down!!


Overlooking Paris

Is it Friday yet? What a long week it has been. I was scrolling through my many photos of Paris and I wish I could share them all, but I had to share this one. Overlooking Paris everything seems so calm and sound. Behind me is the the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica. It was opened to the public in 1914.


Beautiful, isn’t it! Have you been? I’d love to hear about it! Again as I’ve mentioned before I’m not a religious person, but the architecture of churches really get to me. Such a presence and full of wonder. It leaves me with a million questions yet brings me such peace. If you’re ever in Paris, it’s a must see attraction! It’s open from 6:00 am – 10:30 p.m. It’s really an amazing view and people just sit by the steps to relax. Once you’re up there, walk over to the streets of Montmartre which I’ll talk about on an upcoming post.


People Watching

People watching is one of the favorite things I do when I travel. Naturally being observant, I can’t help but stare and study people’s behaviors and the way their body moves. Wait, not in a creepy way at all (haha) but in a curious type of way. As in what makes someone act a certain way from this region versus another. Now that I think about it, the observing really slows me down and makes me focus in the moment. The older gentleman (Spain) above is really relaxed, smoking his pipe and just enjoying being in the moment. Perhaps that’s what we all should practice.

Be in the moment today. Forget the past and don’t worry of the future. Just be.