Field of Sunflowers

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Excited that I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with my cousin who’s also a talented photographer {check out his Flickr account}. So I bought this exquisite dress in a boutique 4 years ago and had never worn it not because I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t think of an event to wear it to. Having such a creative mind, I pictured in my head wearing this dress in a beautiful sunflower field. Well after quite some time the idea became a reality :) Of course, the sunset made it even more special by adding a dreamy effect. So peaceful.



Amazingly enough this dress really reminds me of Free People! Below are similar crochet dresses :)

Fall Fashion Show

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Last evening, I attended the Fall Fashion Show at Kimberly Boutique in West Hartford. There were lots of elegant and sexy styles put together. The styles that stood out to me the most were the combination of prints and patterns combined with a solid color or mostly black.


- Falling for Elegant Styles -


Definitely keep an eye out for different textures and patterns. Even owning just one piece! You can pair it with a lot of basic pieces like jeans, black pants and skirt. Don’t be afraid to be bold either. A touch of color doesn’t hurt anyone. Own it and shower yourself with confidence!

Nude Lips

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I try to experiment with color and have been more lately than in the past, but somehow I still lean towards the nudes partially because I feel more comfortable with the natural feel. A lipgloss is enough to give you a little shine, to brighten up the look and your day. I can’t say this enough but it’s the little things sometimes. A great tip is to accompany nude lips with a smokey eye. Now that’s what I call Fall! You can shop these lip glosses HERE


Here’s someone I follow on YouTube. Teni Panosian is amazing at make up tutorials! Check out her video :)