Shoe Vocabulary

Ladies, I know you love your shoes but it’s always smart to educate ourselves about heels. I’m sure you agree with me when I say that I can’t believe how many different types of heels are out there! Pretty crazy but hope you find this helpful! Enjoy!

*thank you to Evenie Fashion & Lifestyle for sharing this great info!



Sometimes there are people who enter your life that are meant to inspire us and help us follow our dreams. With that being said, keep in mind that timing is everything. A very special person gave me this puzzle last Christmas. Shortly after, I laid it out on my kitchen table and started organizing all 1,000 pieces and trying to separate them by color. New Years came and I hosted a dinner which meant I had to sadly move my puzzle and pack it up. So I did and placed it by the staircase.
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Island Stones Villa in St. John

This frigid New England weather has got me thinking of the hot sunny days I spent in St. John. As I’m drooling over the photos, it seems like my visit there was just a dream. One thing I completely forgot to post about was this amazing villa called Island Stones! Ah, words cannot explain how beautiful this place was (hopefully my photos will)…every detail from the infinity pool to the exotic plants. It was as if you were in this little heavenly world where YOU only existed and nothing else around you but beauty. Most importantly the view that will forget all your worries and bring focus on the now.

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