Ugly Sweater Quiz Time

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The Best Ugly Sweater/Vest Christmas Party

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Feast your eyes on this amazing vest! You know you want to replicate this look at the next Ugly Sweater Christmas Party…Okay, I know it’s not that hideous! Is there such thing as it’s so ugly it’s cute?! :) Maybe. I will give credit to my co-worker, Samantha (it’s her grandmother’s vest…shh. Tell grandma I said it’s pretty) & my other co-worker Nicole for taking the pics! They’re amazing! We had a Holiday party at work and we all…ahemmm…a few of us wore an ugly sweater.



A Hike to Remember

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Happy hump day! The week is almost over everyone! Take a sip of your coffee and check out my view of the amazing Ram Head hike in St. John (US Virgin Islands). If you ever go there, you must go on this hike. I mean take a look at the view!!