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So ever since I moved to my new home which was 6 months ago, I’ve been waiting for the inspiration and moment to think of an idea to paint a piece for my living room. After enjoying this summer by seeing beautiful beaches, my inspiration came to life which translated into this beautiful piece. I must say, this is out of my realm because my painting style is very realistic while this is more abstract. I did have fun though and I hope you guys like it!




Fall Favorites: Part I

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Yay! So Fall is finally here this week! Time for boots and scarves and exploring beautiful colors! I was browsing about and I wanted to share with you some great Fall basics to keep in mind. Notice how I added Part I…which means I have more coming! :) What I love about fall is that the warm yellow, orange and purple colors come to life and generally this is the time where I get inspired by clothes, traveling or start a painting. I love all of the things fall offers! Check out some of the following items! Which one is your favorite?

Field of Sunflowers

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Excited that I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with my cousin who’s also a talented photographer {check out his Flickr account}. So I bought this exquisite dress in a boutique 4 years ago and had never worn it not because I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t think of an event to wear it to. Having such a creative mind, I pictured in my head wearing this dress in a beautiful sunflower field. Well after quite some time the idea became a reality :) Of course, the sunset made it even more special by adding a dreamy effect. So peaceful.



Amazingly enough this dress really reminds me of Free People! Below are similar crochet dresses :)