Holiday Dress

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I can’t believe the holidays start in a week as I listen to Christmas music! It’s so nice to look forward to each year and spending time with family. At least for me, it’s magical. I get the same feeling every year. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the holidays I spent the previous year. All in all it’s a great experience and how lucky are we to celebrate each year!

Below I wanted to share this great deal on some holiday pieces. When my family get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we like to dress up for the ocassion to make ourselves feel extra special. Whether you have something like this in your closet or not, I just wanted to send some inspiration your way. Don’t you worry, there will be more to come :)

Pack Smart

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I hope everyone is having a restful yet adventurous weekend! I wanted to share this really cool infographic about packing when you travel thanks to Bluegala. Shoving everything in your suitcase only leads to a headache when you arrive at your destination. You might as well pack Advil. Now, let’s rewind and erase the thought of having a headache. See below! :)

Courtesy of: Bluegala

The Jeweled Traveller

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The Jeweled Traveller: The holiday season is only a few weeks away. Wether you’re traveling to see family members or meeting a loved one at a destination, I think it would be wise to bring a little bling for the occasion. You just never know where your trip will take you. Perhaps you meet a stranger and he asks you out to dinner. You can dress anything up with a necklace…even a sweater. Trust me, I’ve done it. Check out some necklace options that would look fab with that sweater. What do you think?