In Heaven


Sometimes where you live, you may find that other places seem much more exciting. While that may be true, remember to explore your area further and you might be quite surprised at what’s in your surroundings. My cousin took me to this amazing place in Watertown, CT called Harkness State Memorial Park. I cannot begin to tell you how much I fell in love with this place.


The cute cherub like sculptures and the ivy plants taking over the building was reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. With all seriousness, I may have had an outer body experience because I couldn’t stop carefully studying everything in this park. I was told people have weddings there and right on the water is great for engagement photos.


I think I was ready to move into this really castle like building. I’m very much a romantic. There were beautiful zen gardens with colorful flowers. I had such an amazing time. Now there is a beach but you aren’t able to swim as of yet.


It was such a relaxing experience. It really was a joy to be around the area and explore good ol’ CT a little bit. I will say this that I will go back soon. Leaving you now with an open mind and the willingness to explore your own town this weekend! You might might find really beautiful hidden gems!


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