Sometimes there are people who enter your life that are meant to inspire us and help us follow our dreams. With that being said, keep in mind that timing is everything. A very special person gave me this puzzle last Christmas. Shortly after, I laid it out on my kitchen table and started organizing all 1,000 pieces and trying to separate them by color. New Years came and I hosted a dinner which meant I had to sadly move my puzzle and pack it up. So I did and placed it by the staircase.


Meanwhile, in my mind I was still trying to figure out my next travel adventure. Confused and overwhelmed by the idea of traveling by myself this summer, perhaps with a group of strangers, and not to mention I did not know where but I knew it would be somewhere in Europe…my motivation was lacking. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and before you know it March was here. I would go up and down my stairs and my puzzle was calling my name every time “complete me!” So FINALLY I said let’s finish this, grabbed it, and did little my little each night after work until it was complete.

Overjoyed with the fact that I finished it and it looks amazing by the way, I knew right there that Paris had to be one of my stops this summer. So I resumed my search of a tour and I found one days later. Within a week, I had booked my trip and airfare. I am so excited to be traveling to four countries!! Stay tuned as I share with you each country this week. Super duper excited!!! Oui oui!!

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