Who doesn’t love cute old people!

So this image came to mind today. As I was thinking about my past travels, I notice that I take photos of the elderly…a lot when I travel. What?! I just think they are sooo cute and adorable! What really captures my interest the most when I see older people in their home country they are so comfortable in is their confidence and they’re presence of tranquility. I hardly exchange any words with them because of the language barrier, but just studying them from afar (i’m not a creeper I swear) and sending a smile their way is enough to tap into their soul for inspiration. So far below is my slight obsession the old people haha…(the top photo is the old man yelling at me in Greek for taking his photo…most people don’t like that especially older people haha.) Now I have learned to ask their permission first :)


Don’t you love her visor! I’ve never seen anything like it.


This amazing woman cooked us a traditional dinner in her home. She was so sweet although didn’t say much I knew by her smile it’s as if she was wishing me great things.


Those COLORS!!


I need to paint this photo I took. It was just perfect timing! I’m not kidding you when I take these travel photos, it’s as if time stands still just enough for me to enjoy the culture. Such a thrill!! :)

Hope you enjoy it! I can’t wait to leave this summer for Western Europe so I can share with you my experience! 87 more days to go!! Hurry up! Also I have someone special to introduce who will take over my blog for April :)

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