Bobbi Pierre in Redwood National Park

Dear Readers :) Thank you for following me, Bobbi Pierre, along in this journey! California is so beautiful and I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I’m closing my Cali visit off with the Redwood National Park. The trees were so big and tall! I was there all day and started my hike in the morning mist.

Have you all seen the Twilight series? I think I saw Edward in the woods and his beautiful skin…what?! Hey he’s pretty famous okay and yes, I did have my poster for him to sign. Well as I’m walking along minding my own business, Edward starts running towards me!! Scared out of my mind, I start walking backwards looking back. Then I realize, he ain’t coming after me, he’s running towards Jacob behind me. Whew!! I thought I was dead meat.

They’ll never get over it. Oh well… I stop and think. Wait Twilight was definitely set in Washington. Why are they here? Am I in Washington? Nahh they’re definitely hunting.

Happy Monday!! :)


A relative of the famous sequoia, the coastal redwood grows to spectacular heights, making it the tallest tree on earth, with heights of 250 feet being fairly commonplace and 350 feet not unheard of. more info(credit USA Today)

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