28 days until PARIS

Paris is the city of love and it seems that everyone wants to go there and at least experience it once in a lifetime. My goal this year was to accomplish a few important things before I turn 30, yes the big 30!! One of the things I wanted to do was travel by myself and really take the time to experience new places and cultures as an individual. From my experience, my 20s were (I’m 29) about figuring out your personality and learning about yourself. What makes you happy, what challenges you and why your are the way that you are. Yes, I ask a lot of questions.

Sometimes, especially in your early 20s, you have this perfect plan of the future and when it doesn’t roll out the way you imagined, you get hurt and it’s easy to get lost but you eventually find yourself again. You realize that life needs to be lived in the now and everything else will align on its own. Do what makes you happy. My happiness is traveling and is a constant craving I have. What better way for me to close my 20s than with traveling to popular destinations I have yet to see. In less than 4 weeks, I’ll be embarking on an adventure with myself.

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