Watercolor Adventure


Finally getting in the groove of painting and really enjoying watercolor lately. I never thought I would paint in watercolor since Art School, but I love how clean it is in comparison to oil painting. So I wanted to make something colorful and I came across a photo on Pinterest and I thought I’d replicate it to test my skills a little bit. Of course, I made some modification to the colors from the original photo but it looks pretty identical. Once you learn a skill and say you haven’t practiced in years, it’s amazing how fast it will come back to you! It doesn’t matter how talented you are, practice makes perfect. Always practice and you will achieve any skill over time.

It took me a week and a half to complete this piece. Of course, I would paint an hour or two a night after work. It in the end though, I saw myself painting a little faster. Most likely the more you practice, the easier it gets. The process becomes easier and you learn how to communicate with your piece – how much do you paint, what colors to use, how long you should wait for the layer to dry, etc. It really takes a world of its own after awhile.

I created an animation illustrating the start and finish of the piece. It was fun to document the process because it shows the steps I took to complete it. With watercolor, you have to build layer upon layer of color to get the exact finish so it’s fascinating to see how I approached it. Hope you like it! This piece will be showcased at my friend’s new Beauty and Spa Salon. I’ll post details on social media soon.

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