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A few years ago, I started this blog mostly about fashion but I knew from the beginning I wanted to combine art and travel. I was advised to keep it very specific and so I focused on just style and fashion but soon that interest started to fade. Deep down, my passion was art and traveling. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to draw princesses in big pretty dresses. As I grew up and developed my skills in art classes, I thought yes this it, I love it.

When I was in Art School (University of Hartford), I took a class abroad in Sicily, Italy! This opened up my eyes to another passion I hadn’t yet discovered…TRAVEL. I guess you can say I caught the travel bug in 2007! I loved every second of that trip – the food, wine, people, and culture. I felt like my mind was like a sponge- soaking up every ounce of energy around me and it felt amazing! My favorite moment was waking up at 6 am to paint the sunrise as it rose over the ocean. That sketch was transformed into a painting that always inspires me to this day.

The thing about passions I’ve learned is you have to follow them. For years I stopped painting and I traveled more but now those two passions were never fully aligned until now. I discovered that they fuel one another. If I want to recreate a lasting moment from a place, painting it the way my eyes saw it and how it made me feel is like I’m reliving that moment all over again. And the only way I can share that with people is by painting it. I can talk about a place and show you photos but the most lasting impression is in my paintings. That is magic to me at least. What you see above is me painting Trunk Bay – it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world located in the US Virgin Islands. As soon as I stepped my toes on that sand and looked at the view, I literally said “Paradise”.

P.S. My plan is to have an exhibit soon. So stay tuned! :)

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