Washington, D.C. in 9 Hours

I haven’t been to Washington, D.C. since 6th grade’s field trip that everyone goes on. I almost didn’t get to go on that trip because of financial reasons which I will explain in a later post (I promise). So you can imagine my excitement to pack in as many places for that day!

My reason for this trip was because of a conference which was an amazing experience in itself, but I also had a day to explore until my flight departed. Prior to this trip, I asked friends of places to visit and I had come with a pretty big list. During my stay in DC I asked locals for suggestions which allowed me to meet so many different people that will be hard to forget. I whipped out my map and made a plan. Let me just begin by saying it was a beautiful 70 degree sunny weather. Below is what you’ll see:

Georgetown Harbor

I took a cab from my hotel straight to Georgetown, Washington and walked to the harbor (10 min walk). I was going to have breakfast/brunch in the area but I decided I don’t have time to sit for long so instead I went to Starbucks and got my usual hot chocolate and sandwich and sat for 15 min as I studied the locals. Then I walked around the harbor…very very pretty as you can see below. There were many famous restaurants down here so you can imagine the crowd here at night.

Georgetown University

After seeing the harbor, I walked some more to the lovely University and OMG I wanted to hug these old beautiful halls. I saw Healy Hall which was built in the 1870s which is a National Historic Landmark and White-Gravenor Hall built in the 1930s. It really felt like you were in Europe and obviously I was in love with it all!

Georgetown Charming Homes

Major house envy here! I walked over from the university to explore the pretty houses. Mind you it’s a beautiful Spring day and there were flowers and greenery everywhere so the aroma really aided to my dream state of this place but I promise this is all real. The colorful houses – shutters and doors were just to die for. Really why wouldn’t you want to live here or near here because I’m sure it’s expensive! Regardless, if you visit the best time of year is end of March or early April. It’s too fabulous!

p.s. I didn’t get to have Georgetown cupcakes which I know are a must here but there was a huge line and I don’t like waiting. I’m not a big fan of sweets but if you are, definitely check it out. Also big shopping area from Free People to really cute Boutiques. I did not go into any stores…wait I lied, I only touched a dress at Free People.

Musuems & Galleries

It is now 2pm and I took a taxi back to downtown. All of museums are free of charge in DC so I definitely took advantage of it as much as time permitted me. They all close around 5 so I only had 3 hours to make my way around and indulge. This is the list I visited all by walking in chronological order:

Renwick Gallery

A local told me about Janet Echelman’s captivating “1.8 Renwick” immersive installation. The waves of netting represent the force of the 2011 tsunami in Japan that was so powerful it shifted the earth’s axis and sped up its rotation shortening the day by 1.8 milliseconds.

Sackler Gallery

This was so so special to see! Photos were not allowed so I didn’t take any but this exhibition was called Inventing Utamaro: A Japanese Masterpiece Rediscovered. Utamaro was a legendary but mysterious Japanese painter. In this exhibit, there were 3 original paintings reunited in one place after being dispersed since the late 1800s while one had been missing and recently discovered. Click the link above for more info, but it was really awesome to see it! I was very lucky.

National Gallery of Art

My last stop was of course the well known National Gallery of Art and I only had 45 minutes to walk around. The most important pieces I saw were Leonardo Di Vince’s painting of Ginevra de’ Benci which is the only painting of Di Vince’s we have in the United States Francisco Goya which were and still are breathtaking! I was very happy to only explore only one level of the museum.


At this point I was starving! I walked to Old Ebbit Grill, which is the oldest salon in D.C. since the 1800s. The ambiance and food was delicious! I had a pan seared salmon salad and sat by the bar which is always a plus if you’re traveling alone. It’s a great opportunity to chat with the locals and other visitors. Other restaurants that my friends recommended, I’ve listed below:

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