Why we buy certain things

Four years ago, I walked into Barnes & Noble with no intention to buy things. As a matter of fact I think I went in there to get a hot chocolate from Starbucks. My fav! Well since I was there…(here we go).. I went into the travel section, naturally, and walked down the aisle browsed about and a book really captured my interest. Here it is – Castles of Britain and Ireland.

I thought to myself, “hmm, I wanna go here someday. I do love castles.” I flipped through the book for 5 minutes and I decided to buy it walking out of there with a hot chocolate and a book. The thought process was very simple. I made an emotional connection to that book – inspirational because I love castles, traveling and Ireland/Scotland have been so interesting to me.

Placement of interesting object
Having no book shelf, I set it on my coffee table for awhile. My eyes would glance at the cover every time I sat down on the couch or when I’d pass by it. Around 2 years ago I decided it would look nice on my dresser in my bedroom. I wonder why I did that. Maybe subconsciously at that time I wanted to be closer to the idea of being on that front cover watching that view. As I’d get ready for the day, my eyes would peek at the book. Perhaps twice a day or three. During this time, I had developed a routine without even knowing it. All of a sudden I found myself researching castles, watching Outlander, The Crown, Leap Year. I was mentally preparing for something…

Placing objects in your intimate space such as your home or office have to be thought out. Everything around you is carefully designed and you make a choice, consciously or subconsciously, to buy something because you instill an emotional connection to a book, a plant, artwork or whatever that may be. Therefore YOU have the power to design your own space and YOU have the power to the emotional effect it may have upon you. Deep, I know.

Last December, I made the leap and in January I “booked” my trip to see a few of the castles. Next week, I begin my journey. I can’t wait to write about it when I return and share with you how this trip grew into something bigger than I had planned.

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