3 Countries in 9 days

Back from my solo traveling adventure over in Ireland, Scotland and Portugal (3 countries in 9 days), I find myself trying not to let those memories fade away so quickly. So, I shall keep them fresh by sharing my experience with you. I will start with the skeleton of my trip design so to speak.

I designed the trip or my holiday by spending three days in each location or city which means I tried to pack as much sightseeing and activities as I could, however I gave myself down time between each country to regroup. For me, balance is key. Also would like to mention that I walked almost 10 miles each day because of my large consumption of croissants and yummy food. Below is a formula that worked best for me:

DAY 1 Arrive from the airport and checked in at my Airbnb. On this day, I explore around the city and observe. Got a map at the tourist office and made a rough plan on some places I wanted to visit. This is my go with the flow day. It’s important because you really give yourself time to adjust to a foreign environment. I try to pick local restaurants and cafes for food all the time.

DAY 2 On this day, I plan an excursion and that might be going on a group tour exploring another city, doing something adventurous like hiking, or standup paddle boarding (SUP). This is the day where I learn a lot from a local guide and a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. I met so many wonderful people traveling alone!! It’s also the day that will set a tone for the next day! Whatever tips I learn today, I will use to explore tomorrow. In terms of food, use this day to explore your palette and remain open minded not only about food, but about everything.

DAY 3 If day two wasn’t available to do something active, I use day 3 instead. On this day, I aim to still explore but relax more. That still means walking around for almost 10 miles but at my own pace. I use my experience of the two days and I most likely visit museums. If I meet someone and they suggest something, I take their suggestion.

I treated this trip as an experiment and I learned that no matter what situation comes my way my attitude remains surprisingly positive. Nothing bothers me. If I miss a bus (I did), it’s okay because there are other opportunities to explore. I see mistakes as opportunities.

This was a core frame of my holiday (let’s be real “holiday” sounds better than “vacation”.) On my next blog post, I’ll talk about Ireland! Stay tuned…

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