3 Days in Scotland

Despite the gloomy weather, spending 3 days in Edinburgh, Scotland was pretty amazing! The thing that attracted me the most was its gothic style architecture. Having only read one book of Harry Potter, it definitely reminded me of that. The gloomy weather suddenly didn’t matter anymore.

The city of Edinburgh has such a rich and grand history. Scotland itself is known for its greenery and 75% of its energy comes from wind mills. According to the city law, Edinburgh is surrounded by a five miles radius of pure lush greenery and construction to build is not allowed. I fell in love with that fact. We should all be like Scotland!

Probably the biggest reason I came to Scotland is the CASTLES! I booked myself a tour to see a few of them. All were beyond what I had seen in photos. They were all so beautiful. Below are all that I saw:

Edinburgh Castle

Doune Castle

Saint Douglas Kirk

Inveraray Castle

They have a service called Hop on Hop off bus and it takes you around the city which saves time. You can get a day and it gives you the ability to stop anywhere you want. Although I did try it, it didn’t work for me because I only hopped on twice but it’s worth it if you’re traveling with family and have a specific agenda. There are a lot of museums and galleries in Edinburgh and I only saw a few, but this means it’s a great excuse to go back. Scottish National Gallery, National Museum of Scotland and Scottish National War Memorial atEdinburgh Castle are the ones that I saw.

I spent a lot of time walking around. I stayed at an Airbnb and it was a 10 min walk to Prince Street. Edinburgh is a very walkable city and you do not need a taxi or a bus unless you’re restricted on time. Transportation though was the best I’ve seen so far! You can take the train out of Edinburgh from the city center and there are buses that will take you to the airport 24/7. Believe me directions are not my forte so I’m telling you it’s really easy and traveling solo was very safe. I walked around at night to restaurants and bars without anyone bothering me.

Just walk with confidence and pretend you’re a local. Most importantly, smile :)

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