Adventures in Faro

I am so glad I ended up choosing Faro, Portugal as my 3rd adventure stop. Finishing my trip in warm weather was really smart so I’d like to thank my past self! Such a hidden gem, this exotic little coastal town had so much to offer. From walking around town, trying new restaurants, paddle boarding, to trying a new beach making new friends. My only regret was not being able to explore Portugal a little more but now I have a reason to come back. Below are some photos I haven’t posted yet but I wanted to share!

I have to add that I was really lucky because I had an amazing host from my Airbnb. She was very helpful and offered me tips and gave me a guidance map of places I should check out. So yes, I’m all about Airbnb’s. Plus, unlike hotels you can really get a sense of the local environment so you feel like you’re part of the local community.

Vila Adentro restaurant has so much history. I wasn’t very experimental with the food but it is absolutely beautiful inside with its exquisite blue tiles. I actually got a tour of their cellar/tunnel downstairs and they had artifacts dating back from the 1500s. How insane is that?! I seriously felt like I was Indiana Jones! So if you go, definitely check the restaurant out. It’s located in the old part of town and it’s super romantic if you’re traveling with a significant other.

The best part for me was walking around town and stepping on the cobble stones (not so fun when you’re rolling a carry on). Faro is also very safe at night so I didn’t have trouble or wasn’t afraid to walk home late. It’s very calm and lots of Europeans were there on vacation especially German, French and English. I love hearing different languages. Also people spoke English so just ask if they do and they’ll be really nice. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know Portuguese but it ended up not being an issue.

I hope you get to go someday. Email me or comment below if you have any questions.

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