7 Things I Cannot Travel Without

It has been almost 6 months since I traveled internationally and I am really excited to take off again! Now is the time where I start thinking about what to pack and fun outfits to wear. I only keep a carryon and refuse to bring anything bigger. The lighter the better is a mindset I’ve always had because I don’t want anything holding me back with carrying a ton of stuff! Yes, that means less shoes ladies. Stick to basics ;) Imagine what our eyes get the privilege of seeing. Magic! Planning and thinking about a trip really got me thinking to what I find valuable enough to bring.

That is kind of a necessity and you obviously know to bring this. More so wanted to stress the idea of making copies. I make two colored copies and keep them in various places. After hearing stories of other people losing it or being stolen got me being SUPER cautious. I keep a copy on my cross body purse if I’m walking around for the day. I’d rather lose the copy than the real thing. Something to keep in mind.

If you’re like me and like to write or sketch about your adventures and document things, I’d get a journal. There is so much information we take in on when we travel that sometimes we forget the excitement or the little details we found so exciting at the moment. Plus, it’s always great to look back and read what you wrote. I’m always like wow, I sounded really happy there and brings me right back to that moment instantly.

A definite necessity and better to have with you rather than trying to find it in another country. You can find them anywhere really. I found mine at Target and also make sure you get a Worldwide one because that’s a great excuse for you to travel more ;) Here are some links where you can get one: Amazon / Target / Walmart

A great thing to have! I started packing a ziploc bag filled with bandaids, antiseptic cream and Advil. One time I cut myself and didn’t have a bandaid with me. Try explaining that to the French pharmacist. So definitely a must!

I get really hungry sometimes (more like handry) and since I’m always trying to fit everything in a day, I don’t have time to find a place. I will get my KIND bars with me because you never know what the situation is. I tell you that they become a lifesaver and you save money and time!

Literally cannot travel without this one! In my last trip, I’ve used it more for photos and videos that I hardly brought my Cannon camera with me. It has become apparent lately that I don’t like carrying heavy things around. I want to be easy to move throughout the day. I like fitting in with the locals. Also, there is wifi everywhere these days which is SUPER!

You bet I’m walking everywhere! I usually bring my Sperry slide on shoes. I just love them and they’re like pillows for my feet, alright! Also just plain comfy flats. Whatever floats your boat! I do however bring a pair of heels because you just never know. You might meet a total hottie and bam now you have a date ;)

Okay now that I have mentally packed, Prague and Vienna, see you in May!!!!

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