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Dearest October

I haven’t done an outfit post in a long time. Partially because I’ve been focusing more on posting photos of traveling and different places but this fall has been incredibly beautiful that I felt the need to. Might I add that I am obsessed with this simple outfit and yes, I will wear it a lot. Go ahead and judge me :) The weather is getting much cooler now so hopefully one more time oh great October weather.


October is my favorite month not only because of the weather, but it’s also my birth month! And yes today is my birthday and it’s one I share with my grandpapa! In honor of this day, I have done something that I’ve put aside for a long time. I opened my Etsy shop again! This time I called it, TravellePaints. I have a good feeling about it this time around. I once opened one 5 years ago and it wasn’t successful so I closed it down. This gives me a push to create again. There are so many different paintings I want to do and I’m not sure how my style will evolve, but I know I needed to start somewhere. So today I posted one painting.

Click HERE to check it out!

Look Book

Class & Elegance

Happy Friday Everyone! I’m so excited for this Memorial Day weekend and spending some time with my family and relaxing, but also taking time to paint in my studio :)

Finally getting around to sharing with you the look I put together for my sister’s engagement. The dress is from Bebe and it was so comfortable to wear. The fit is just right with a bit of sophistication and a side of elegance. The necklace is from Love Stylize. And the shoes from Nine West :)



Look Book


Hi Everyone! Alright it’s been too long… I’ve been a busy gal what can I say. It was my sister’s engagement party recently and I’ll be sharing photos and video or the amazing decor she put together.

Other than that, I did this photo shoot last week or so and there are also these silly takes of me acting ridiculous and pretending to be a hot shot supermodel. In the future, I’m going to include them and call them “Vogue-Tastic”. The message is really to not take life so seriously and to enjoy a good laugh. We see so many women in magazines who are photoshopped, airbrushed and dressed from head to toe with brand names that no one can really pronounce. Teens and women all over the world look up to these models and photos in magazines but we have to understand that what is portrayed in magazines is an ideal image and female figure. It’s okay to strive and improve the way you look but let’s remember to not take it so seriously.