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A Baby’s Destination

As I grow older, I learn that life reaches many destinations. While I would be speaking about a place I traveled to, this time I'm writing about a different type of place I'm about to reach. A place closer to my heart, a place where I will become an auntie. Being behind the lens and sharing this moment with these two is really special. Growing up with my sister and seeing her go through this journey is one of the greatest joys I've experienced. Life is incredible and I cannot wait to see the little feet that have been high five-ing me when I touch that belly.


Little Angel

How adorable is this little girl (aka my goddaughter)! Angelina is growing so fast. Here she is here on her 2nd Birthday. Super cute! It’s amazing to see her personality develop and I’m noticing her to have an adventurous spirit! She finds happiness in the littlest things, but in such large measures.



I’m pretty sure she’ll travel the world like me! hehe :)